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Ep. 3 Mark Kendall

Mark Kendall is the co-founder and lead guitarist of the legendary band, Great White. He is acknowledged as one of rock’s greatest guitarists and is the co-creator of the platinum-selling albums “Once Bitten” and “Twice Shy.”

But through all the accolades and success that the band acquired, Kendall found himself in the grips of addiction, and as he explains, “I think a trigger for a substance abuse is being on the road and everyone telling you you’re so great and you kind of just don’t want to take it as serious. It can drive you crazy, and it can cause some people to numb themselves.” In 1991 Mark found himself doing just that.

After selling millions of records over the course of a star-studded forty-plus year career, Mark recently tweeted he has had more than 13 years of continuous sobriety and that LIFE IS GOOD.

Once Bitten by the Hair of the Dog

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