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ISMA Racing

In the realm of motorsports, where speed is king and innovation is paramount, the International Supermodified Association (ISMA) stands as a beacon of progress and evolution. Founded in 1974 by legendary Oswego Speedway champions Jim Shampine and Nolan Swift, alongside the assistance of local businessman Tom Heveron, ISMA was conceived as more than just a racing organization; it was a platform for drivers and owners to voice their ideas and shape the future of supermodified racing.

At its inception, ISMA faced a crucial challenge: to elevate supermodified racing to new heights. With a clear vision and unwavering determination, the founding members set forth ambitious goals. They aimed to enhance safety standards, increase the number of events per season to ensure substantial purses, and provide support for drivers facing race-related challenges.

Under the leadership of Tom Heveron as president, Jim Shampine as vice president, and Fred Graves as secretary/treasurer, ISMA embarked on a journey of transformation. Collaborating with track managements, they initiated discussions on improvements and worked tirelessly to strengthen the discipline. Their efforts bore fruit as ISMA facilitated the growth of supermodified racing, attracting new drivers and owners while expanding its reach to a broader audience.

One of ISMA's pivotal achievements was the establishment of a point fund in 1976, a groundbreaking initiative that rewarded car owners—a departure from conventional driver-centric point systems. This innovative approach underscored ISMA's commitment to fostering a sustainable ecosystem for all stakeholders. With Shirley Letcher assuming responsibility for the point system, ISMA witnessed remarkable progress, sanctioning substantial purse money and races while ensuring tow money at all sanctioned events.

As ISMA continued to evolve, it remained at the forefront of innovation. In recent years, the introduction of the franchise system revolutionized the landscape of supermodified racing. By offering teams the opportunity to purchase a franchise at the beginning of the season, ISMA established a mutually beneficial arrangement. Franchise teams enjoy the flexibility to miss select events while being guaranteed a minimum starting purse, ensuring stability and competitive racing throughout the season.

Today, ISMA stands as a pillar of the supermodified racing community, sanctioning prestigious events across multiple states and Canada. With a calendar featuring 13–17 shows annually, including the esteemed supermodified Triple Crown Series, ISMA continues to captivate audiences and inspire enthusiasts with its thrilling displays of speed and skill.

In conclusion, the journey of ISMA exemplifies the power of innovation, collaboration, and perseverance. From its humble beginnings to its current prominence, ISMA has remained steadfast in its mission to advance supermodified racing. As the legacy of Jim Shampine, Nolan Swift, Tom Heveron, and their dedicated team endures, ISMA continues to shape the future of motorsports, setting new standards of excellence with each passing lap.

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